Cookies can be played at many locations in Second Life. On this page you can find some of those places. To sign up for a Second Life account visit It's totally free!

If you want your place to be listed here please contact me.
The requirements are that you run at least
5 Game Machines and 1 Contest Board to get listed.

Amsterdam Games Center

Small game parlour with a lot of Cookies! Located in the beautiful Amsterdam of Second Life.

Atomic Cookies

Old and experienced game parlour.

BeRoMe Game Hall

Play games at the beautiful BeRoMe. Designed by one of the best game parlour designers in entire Second Life!

Club Fluffys

Play games at the beautiful BeRoMe. Designed by one of the best game parlour designers in entire Second Life!

Dutch Cows & Tulips

One of the oldest still operating game parlours in Second Life. This place once featured on dutch television and news paper!

Fantastic Island

Huge game parlour running a lot of different games. This is a place where many germans go to play!

Good Times Gaming

Have a Good Time Winning at Good Times Gaming!

Mayan Riches Games & Resort

Welcome to the jungle, they got fun and games!

Moo Town Games

Old skool game parlour. These people know what's up!

Nebula Club & Gaming

Clubbing and gaming!
hat more do you need? Yeah I can think of a few things too...

Offshoot Gaming

This place offers the exclusive Break The Bank System with Cookies! Check it out, very unique!

Royal Dutch Game Palace

Another great place where the Dutch Cookies lovers come to play!

Scriptoy Official Store

This is the home of Cookies. Only freeplay games are available to play here. Win free money every day!

The Cookie

Nutts about Cookies? Do I need to say more? Just look at the picture!

The Rocker Waters

Tired of etiquettes? You like a mess? Play your games at this dismantled factory, the most organised mess in Second Life!

Space Ace Palace

One of the oldest and most experienced game parlours in Second Life! Hosting only Cookies and RavKom games!

XK Games

Big place! Many different games can be found here, the owner of knows about games...

"12" Freeplay At Boncarus

Freeplay as well as Pay2Play games can be found here! Have fun at this friendly place!



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